Thursday, May 30, 2013

RE-DP Spirit "R" - Preparation

Yokomo MR2-DC Drift Package Spec R

There are many names I could call this chassis. Originally the MR4-TC was a Mid-Rear Engine 4 Wheel Drive Touring Chassis,

So I guess.

MR2-DC is more appropriate. Mid Rear Engine 2 Wheel Drive Drift Chassis.

What do you think?

This is your typical CS/FCD/Ketsukaki Drift drive train.

Front one way gear set and a rear overdrive gear set. (all now spares) 

So my chosen rear wheel drive train includes a strong rear gear set and I shorted a spare rear shaft (left) as the extra length for the centre drive shaft is un-needed. (normal  is on the right)

All shimmed and tucked away in the rear. I also added a super small pinion and larger spur for more control on the throttle.

Diffuser is on at the moment.

 The Kazama knuckles interfered with my high angle steering ...

So I carved a bit of room with the dremel. I also had to remove some metal from my motor mount for the larger spur.

This is about 1/2 angle.

The leading wheel can get to 85 degrees. Trailing wheel is a slightly less. De-anodising is complete. Just need to get a new ESC so I can plug my other Drift package back together.

I hope it should all hang together for some Rear Wheel Drive action in the MR2-DC or as I like to call it.

RE-DP Spirit "R"

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