Tuesday, May 28, 2013

RE-Xtreme FD3s Spirit "R" - Update 9 - Interior Extras

Groovy Baby!

I started with a basic rear shelf. and used some old parts to make up a kind of strut bar.

 This matches a basic cage from PLA tube

 I guess the overall feel is coming together.

You can't really see it through the rear, but I know its there. haha.

The Sunglasses on my driver add a level of cool!

My rear spool upgrade should arrive this week, so I'll be testing the rear wheel drive package again. with it's full body complement.


  1. i feel like i recognize those parts boxes from the 100 yen stores. best boxes ive ever used, and by far the cheapest.

  2. 2 are 100yen,
    but the big one was a bit more expensive.
    unfortunately parts are always needed and never contain the right part. haha.

  3. i swear those 100 yen store boxes are the best ive ever used. i get pissed when i come back to the states and i need one and theyre like $6 and jenky.


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