Thursday, May 9, 2013

RE-DP Tsunami Spec "R" - Revision Revision

A bit more revision of the front end. It's a drama!

I bought a full type C conversion because I thought i could use a lot of parts. but actually the only things I used were the upper plastic arms. That's it. $7. It all would have been fine, were it not for the use of Kazama knuckles. 

They are nicely adjustable and I can get what I need. but the thread was different. so I got some Traxxas hollow ball ends and used them top and bottom. the ball is slightly smaller than the Yokomo ones so they had too much play in the yokomo plastic ends.

But now its all good. I backed off the castor and took off a little king pin angle that had a bit too much posi-can on full lock.

I de-anodised some more parts like the shock mounts and the spur adapter.

not much blue left to go.

gyro is here... to use or not? hmm.


  1. What product are you using to de-anodize your parts?

  2. first use oven cleaner,
    then aluminium polish (gotta keep alloy wet with polish)
    I use a dremel with buffing attachment.

    1. In Japan I used Arumi-ba (aluminuim bath)


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