Tuesday, May 7, 2013

RE-DP Tsunami Spec "R" - Revision

Well, Here is something that is 1/2 finished. I'll get to the why soon.

So here are the Wrap Up Next lower Y arms with a TN Racing 8mm extension for Type C
The Upper arm uses a TN Racing pin for Type B.

Someone wanted dimensions... they are the same as Type C.

Also you can see the extensions I bought. 6mm and 8mm versions to get the lower ball out further.

So why did I get these extensions.

Well I wanted to utilize the KPI capability of the DRB knuckle. BUT there is an issue.

The Alloy DPM knuckle takes a stock 3mm thread. The Type C has a tapping thread on the Ball that i didn't know about. Therefore... the Type C ball cannot be used with the DPM knuckle or the new DPM KPI knuckle or the Kazama DRB knuckle.

I can use these plastic ones. but they only have one hole for the steering, so again I'd need to modify something.

So... I am guessing that the NEW Yokomo type C knuckles with KPI will suit the ball thread

This is VERY confusing  http://www.teamyokomo.com/partslist/sd/parts_sd_415s12.html

how can this suit the type C if the balls don't thread into the knuckle!!!!!!!!! Grrrrrr!!!!

The text says they will fit but the pictures are definitely misleading.

Do I buy them? or
Do I buy new ball ends.

I think the latter


I had only two old 3mm threaded balls laying around so I was able to continue 1/2 way. Angle is massive and scrub radius is pretty small (even with +12) thanks to the lower extensions.

I also swapped on the DP SSG front tower from my other DP whick I am looking at a DPM front tower for.

The other way is also pretty amazing but the shock is just hitting the tower in this position. I will sort that later.

I also replaced the rear spur holder, so now I have a decent mesh and flexible pinion spur combo.

I replaced the rear gearcase with a graphite one I had and I am yet to de-anodize a few more blue parts like the new gear adapter and the shock mounts. Forgot! haha.

waiting for ... Some 3mm threaded ball ends. trip to the local hobby store???
waiting for ... A read solid axle . I am thinking about Yokomo D-045 Aluminium centre and a Steel cup.
I don't want to break another. so i have to order this one.

slow progress indeed.


  1. What does the KPI adjustment do?

  2. basically it adjust the geometry to better cater for loads of camber.

  3. There is no such thing as kpi knuckles for DPM. Why don't you just use bd5 kingpin with normal yokomo ball ends? Bd5 kingpins are long enough and m3 threading.

    1. there is now. new release in 10 and 12 deg


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