Friday, May 10, 2013

Drift Package Overdose!

We have all seen the Drift Package parts from Overdose. What is the cost of all those parts?

My own Drift package owes about $700 in the rolling chassis and includes used parts, but I have stopped far short of complete upgrades as there was already a lot of alloy in the SSG Drift Package.

For a full OD set, starting with a drift package Type B or C.

Drift Package Type B  17800Yen

Team Suzuki Lower arms. x2 adds another 6000
then the Overdose starts

[OD1250]Alloy Motor Mount 8000 etc etc etc
[OD1193]Alloy gear Case 8000 x 2
[OD1195]Rear GearCase Mount
[OD1252]Alloy Steering Crank Set
[OD1298]Alloy C Hub
[OD1300]Alloy Rear Upright
[OD1279]Battery Holder
[OD1251]Battery Support
[OD1164]Antenna Post
[OD1241]Rear Brace
[OD1240]Front Tower Bar
[OD1239]Front Brace
[OD1244]Front Shock Tower
[OD1246]Rear Shock Tower
[OD1090]Axle Shaft
[OD1096]Drive Shaft(45.5mm 2mm ピン)
[OD1277]Hard Steel Drive Cup.
[OD1357]Shock Upgrade x2

and a few other bits and pieces to make CS possible and reliable...

 this already adds up to over $1400 for a rolling chassis.

So be careful of the lure of alloy bling. It can pull you in deep.

But it will be pretty. except for the plastic tub... Team Suzuki alloy tub is only another $150

If anyone wants to supply the cash, I can gladly source all the parts and build for $1800 roller
Full Electrics are another $500+ $500 for M12

So a conservative $3000 should get you the best of the best of the best. + add charger and batteries of course.

Another 300 for a nice painted body.

I expect the orders will come flooding in.



  1. Good lord, what a waste of money.

  2. how about $1000 on a handbag.

    I can think of many things more ridiculous.

  3. No doubt, but for a toy car that's a lot of cash.

    RC stuff is seldom cheap, but Weld seem to be taking the piss somewhat.


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