Wednesday, May 22, 2013

RE-Xtreme FD3s Spirit "R" - Update 6 - Graphics

 RE-Xtreme Spirit "R" --- "R" for Revision.

I decided to go for a more gun metal / red finish.

It's a 4 hour task to cut all the graphics and stick them.

Ahhhhhh... Finished.

Yes... Much better. I'm happy I went through the process.

I added a subtle grey fade as part of  the design and ed-emphasized the stickers a little to work on a contrast model rather than a colour impact.

The Fenders have become a lot more subtle and it returns to a Spirit "R". I added some Spirit R emblems

 replacing the Mazda Emblem. I'm liking this a LOT more now. There's a lot to take in as you work around the car,I'm liking the some of the small decals I have on the rear.

Stay tuned for more to come. It's not finished yet.


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