Thursday, May 2, 2013

RE-DP Tsunami Spec "R" - Test

Today I changed a few things and swapped in some electrics for a test.

Here is a little Comparo... left 4wd. right 2wd.

My SSG is pretty damn good. 

I needed to swap the bumper plate because it touches the wheels.

The steering really is a major difference.

So for now the SSG is empty. :(

And the RWD gets some temporary stuff. I won't use this setup as a final but it's good for testing.

Expect this chassis to change a LOT over time.

turning on the machine for the first time. Steering is insanely fast!!!! woo hoo! I'll need to move some ball joints to slow it down just a tad as I am only using 45% EPA.

Time for a coffee. ahhh.

I rolled out my carpet for a bit of a test. WOW... cool and difficult.

I spent a little time playing around, I forgot these were my display tyres. too grippy.
I swapped them over to more slippery items and lowered the offset to M-type wheels @ +10 and I got a bit more control.

I started playing with weight on the front and back, but I'll need to concentrate on suspension tune.
I swapped a few sets of springs and it got a bit better.

I can hold nice donuts, bigger circles, figure 8s but high speed is an unknown on my small carpet.
RWD needs a totally different style of driving. I'll go out on the street tomorrow.

With my current setting, I found that more throttle is a must. A bit like true rear wheel drive. Bury the boot for oversteer.

I'm not using a gyro yet in this test and it's tough. once of the biggest things is getting into a slide.
The wheels can steer past the amount to turn in easily, so you end up with understeer as the wheels go past the normal range.

interesting... I took a video so stay tuned. 

My 7.5T got a workout.

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