Friday, October 4, 2013

Asamoto and other FD Projects

Asamoto FD Start.

I'm starting with a Pandora FD3s as a base for the Asamoto D1 FD replica. 

The closest thing to a C-West front end and sideskirts come in the form of the INGS+ kit thats used on the Active Hobby FD3s. 

I'm pretty sure this will work out pretty well.

I have 2 more Pandora FD3s shells that will get left overs and merged with 2 HPI Stage D Kits.

These will cost a little more than a stock body, but no more than I can buy a crap shell for in Australia.

I created a new livery last night for one of the FD3s.

But the last is undecided. It may end up with something funky.

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