Wednesday, October 16, 2013

GCRC Raceway RE-vised

Guess where?  Wednesday night at Gold Coast RC Raceway! This time everything is new again.

New space and new curves have really opened up the track. Beginners will find it much easier. Skilled drifters will appreciate the extra side by side ability

But that race track style with diorama features still remains.

DRB with new overdose chassis is getting dialled in and de-tuned to run at GCRCs polished smooth surface.

Tonight everyone was out on track, "sliding and polishing" the newer sections. By the end of the night, the surface was down to a consistent slide-a-bility.

A few weeks ago, I proposed a design pretty similar to what the guys have implemented. 

 There's actually a lot of different lines that are possible.

the hiace dominating the circuit.

I tried the Skyline on my chassis. but the "matchbox" car effect came into play with the super sized wheels.

Come down and check it out.

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