Wednesday, October 30, 2013

GCRC Hump Day

Hump day is good time to slide and shake off the work week.

A busy night at GCRC.

A few new machines and bodies out there on the attack.

 A bunch of Rotors on track.

It took a while to get this pic. Troy and Scott Brappin'

New Front motor MST MS-01

The green beast is a Yokomo DIB with High CS.

It was a bit of a pairs event. Ol' school Jap Style.

Chrome version has the bling.

Ben and Nick running some nice lines.

These chassis are up around the 3.9 CS. Bonkers!

But the similar settings get good results.

Lots of angle.

More Rotors. I reverted to the FD after playing with another body.

The DRB is handling pretty well. This week I'll change the ratio again. Up to 2.22

Flat black doubles

I was running my Tommi Drift Prototype against the Skyline. They looked good running tandem.

 But of course a few laps were spent with the man with the perfect lead line.

It's awesome to get those tandem runs with my front wheel at full lock resting on the Silvia's door.

I'll finish with some poor photography, but sometimes blur is cool.

Style is key at GCRC.

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