Sunday, October 6, 2013

Overdose DRB transformation - Phase 1

While I wait for my OD chassis plates to arrive. the broken belt required a tear down anyway. 

I took the opportunity to polish the team suzuki alloy arms, some shims and...  

the accessible parts of my Keyence Street Jam 7.5T

New belt is RC926 4mm. I'm looking forward to running a larger spur on the OD chassis.

I've started swapping parts around to create an all silver machine.

I've swapped some parts from the DIB onto here including the Team Bomber front bumper support and silver velcro mounts. That said, the DIB 275 has received red / black components for the true Samurai Image. 

you'll have to excuse my lazy photography. but everything is now in place. I've also changed the ratio on this machine. It's still around 1.7 but now with the front at 3.0 and the rear at 1.5.

I'm finally getting around to setting up the machine for polished concrete. Spacing and shimming everything correctly. A task that's been neglected for too long.

When you take things apart often those little shims always seem to dissapear, don't they.

So anyway, I can't wait for the OD chassis to arrive.

Maybe I can call it complete?

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