Saturday, October 5, 2013

saTURDay Sleep Time.

I decided to head down to GCRC this afternoon and I had the place to myself for a while. After about 10 hours... I need some sleep.

A lot of tandem happening.

 Recommended tyre for GCRC are Top line HDPE or RC-Art Derive HDPE

With most people on the same tyres. Speeds are similar.

No matter what chassis people are running.

got pipe!

I was thrashing the DRB with the FD3s body on. Running on polished concrete...

I'm leaning to appreciate the stance I can get.


I was there for ages. Destroyed a belt in my DRB so it's time to pull the chassis apart in preparation for the OD Chassis.

I was taking some shots as well. among the 200 or so shots, you always get one or two that turn out to be awesome. 

I just wish the auto focus on my lenses was a bit better.

Slide Time. There was a lot of tandem going on. A very busy weekend day,

 Everyone was getting in the groove.

bonnet mounted gauges! remember that!

Blazing the trail.

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