Thursday, October 31, 2013

RE-DRB OD SSG Typhoon Spec 2.22222

I'm in the process of upgrading to CS 2.22 on the DRB.

After having it all apart and getting distracted... again. I forgot to add the new front belt also. Oh well that's another project,

What I did manage to do, was re-install the telemetry on the MT4. I want to quantify the numbers I've been playing with.

I've added some larger bearings to the belt, so the angle on the belt will be less through the 90 degree section. I'm at R27-18 12 40F which gives 2.22:1 CS

I've finally got around to installing the new grip on the wheel.

And the RPM sensor on the Spur (centre shaft). and the temp sensor on the motor. (i'll move to ESC later.)

 I'm getting a little more RPM than my calculations, but that's without load. I can record and playback over a period of time.

I'm now at 92/19 Spur Pinioin with around 4600 RPM by my spreadsheet calc.
But on the bench I'm getting around 5700 RPM in actuality.

So, if I enter those calculations thats about 1500 front wheel RPM and 3400 Rear Wheel RPM.

I'll try it out tomorrow night. The MT4 is a great piece of gear. I'd recommend this to ANY rc intermediate or pro. It's all you need for Drift.

I had to replace my alloy rear drive.  You can see inside that the ball had been grinding away at the metal making it loose.

These are consumable items.

In any case, I'll try the EVO again. only this time with a bit more attitude.


  1. I thought that tetsujin transmitter wheel was just a bling item, until i've got a chance to try it myself. Oh dear, it's so nice and precise compared to foam or rubber grips.

    1. This is a "cheapo" to test. It doesnt fit properly, but I've spaced it out. It works nice unless you get a bit sweaty.
      I have 1 rubber ring added for security.


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