Tuesday, October 15, 2013

RE-DRB OD Typhoon Spec 1.7

Overdosing on the DRB.

 I picked up this used chassis from Japan.

Condition is not too bad. a few minor scratches. But the target is concrete anyway,

The Overdose chassis is thin @ 2.6 mm and flexible. It all has some adjustment built in.

one is the battery position. If you run this in the rear position, a thick square battery will not clear the tensioner, but a thin battery definitely will.  

The rear has various mounting points for Drift package suspension setup or the DRB version.

the round cutout here will allow for a much larger spur.

As you can see here I have another 3mm of clearance Note (I am running a higher Kazama spacer.)

The lighting I used to photograph tonight is yellow so doesn't show off the chassis in full effect.

But it shines a lot. I'm going to swap my silver ESC in here with a polished 10.5T.

Then I'll be moving up to a larger spur, 2.5CS and a few more plans of maintenance.

 The target is under the Asamoto FD and other FD3s.

 Which by the way is also progressing.

But the OD is installed. Due to the massive flex in the chassis, I'll need to tune the chassis differently.

that will be fun also,


  1. i want this deck soo badly!!!! man i need to just get one already haha

  2. Hehe,

    if you like flex it's nice. I've gone super soft and running minimal power settings. But it works well.

  3. Hello,
    How did you order OD chassis direcly from Japan auctions by living in Australia? Would be cool if you share your secret, because I'm living in Europe and would be great to buy something too.

    1. Yahoo Auctions have many agents, Buyee is one.

      I have friends in Japan but I mostly use agents.

      for new stuff. Just go to RC-ART or SUPER-RAJICON by email

  4. Does it flex more than the Yokomo High Traction deck? As I bought that to gain some more flex, but its still very rigid. I need more flex!

    1. I love the stiff chassis, but this is a different tuning philosophy.

      It's very flexible.
      I'd say even more so than the 3mm HT Chassis. It's a bit thinner.
      I've also spaced my Bridge to handle the increased flex.


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