Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Frash

Friday's frantic frenzy from friendly thrashers frashers. 


 parked hard.

The style is there.

Pandora FD3s has some obvious size issues, but it also has some good points.

I had fun smashing up the cops. RW PD!

But the boys were running well.

The team machines always look great.

Tandem onevia must be Twovia ?

Turbo vs NA?

Tetsujin curves do have their downsides, but on the whole, work well to direct traffic.

I think everyone is starting to learn GCRC and experiment.

But ideas are on for some extra space and try to create a little more open flow.

There's a nice opportunity to create something special in the next few weeks.

 This last photo deserves a caption competition.

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