Sunday, October 13, 2013

GCRC Sunday Run - Part 1 - Motion

It was about time to get some shots of the Missile FD.

I run this body on the deck! At the front when under braking the splitter "just" scrapes.

My muffler has disappeared. I think a side exit muffler might be in order.

I made the mistake of sliding on some dusty areas. then after that traction was near zero. I'm running CS1.7
 at the moment, but I've been driving a lot of higher cs cars in the 3.0 range

depending how I drive, the angle is there. But I think I'll move up to about 2.3~2.6 when I rebuild for the Overdose Chassis.

With everyone else running higher ratios, I'll move up to style choice.

I was playing with a 2.6 DRB today. and with a few tweaks it didn't feel too much different.

 Driverless, skyline.

This is a "Prototype" Fd3s Pandora shell.  My new ones have much clearer windows.

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