Tuesday, October 29, 2013

RE-DRB Maintenance and Bits and Pieces

The DRB has been waiting for a few bits and pieces to smooth out the drivetrain.

A new spur and pinion combo.  4.85 : 1 should provide smoother response and again slowing the wheel speed a little.

I still have a little space in the OD chassis so depending on how this feels, I can go bigger.

Current spec is

Motor. 7.5T = 5220 KV @ 8.4V = approx 43848RPM max

ESC Setting is 50% =  approx 21924RPM

MT4 EPA is 40% =  approx 8769RPM

Spur 92 / Pinion 19 = 4.84 :1

centre shaft rotation is aprox 1811RPM

Front ratio is 40:12 = 3.33:1
Front Wheel RPM = Approx 543 RPM

Rear ratio is 15:27 = 1:1.8
Rear Wheel RPM = Approx  1006 RPM

Total overall CS / FCD ratio is 1.85

these are very low numbers because if I turn it all up I can generate massive rpm.

Front Wheel RPM = Approx 2716 RPM
Front Wheel RPM = Approx 5030 RPM

But on polished concrete... this is just stupid. how much wheel spin do you need?

After this week, I'll be preparing the chassis for cs 2.22 to try out a different balance.

Front ratio is 40:12 = 3.33:1
Front Wheel RPM will remain at Approx 543 RPM

Rear ratio is 18:27 = 1:1.5
Rear Wheel RPM = Approx  1200 RPM

Then look at returning the power with a lower turn motor.

21.5 will generate similar numbers without reducing ESC power or MT4 EPA.

If all that works I may try a 9T front pulley but I doubt I'll need it.

My next upgrade is modifying the DRB steering to get a bit more angle.

With all those numbers in my head, there's not much time to play and finish the other projects I have on the go.

Fd3s parts galore.

Oh yeah, and that orage thing is still in the works. It keeps getting madder.

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