Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mid Week Mambo @ GCRC

The GCRC vibe is picking up!

Another grouping of experienced and those just hooked on RC drift  in attendance.

I kind of threw out a challenge to the guys though this blog. the result was interesting. A lot of different lines being tried tonight. Some fun, some not quite right, but at least it got everyone thinking about different things.

one different thing was this Skyline. for some reason it just looked like a Ford Cortina. maybe the black bumper makes it look thin.

This is also something you don't see. A camaro that's shorter than an AE86!

At least when my Rocket Bunny gt 86 arrives, I'll have a car to match size with. they both fall into the "small is large" category. 

This supra is one of the best proportioned bodies out there. It just looks right.

I'm having fun photographing the cars behind things. even if it obscures half of them.

There was a lot of side by side tonight. Everyone finding some tandem partners and matching some chassis setups.

While Ben's S13 CE-RX and my S14 Drift Package couldn't be more different, we still managed to pull off some cool laps before technical issues troubled us both.

I really should re-wire this S-chassis. 

thanks to "THE MANAGEMENT" for making GCRC a cool place to run.

Come join us anytime.

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