Monday, October 28, 2013

Mad Mikes FD3s RX7! Drifting is an Attitude.

This past weekend at the Gold Coast V8 supercar race, I had the chance to meet someone and see the car that had eluded my RX7 obsession for a long time.

Witnessing 2 corners of the MAD BULL up close was enough to re-ignite some passion.

Even though there was no where to photograph the FD in real action.

Mike was sliding it to the wall.

in his usual flamboyant form.

note to self. Remember never to try and photograph this car from behind. haha.

With Mike soon to retire this particular bent bodyshell in preparation for the new Rocket Bunny machine, I hope these shots will allow some of the blog readers to get some inspiration.

I'll be chopping some bits off my rc cars for sure. Panel gaps are tight.

It's not meant for a rainy day.

extraction only.

Don't need front smoke through your window though.



The pipe!


Suck x 4.

She'll be screaming!


the night.

 Go pro will capture all the action.

I was pleased to discover that Mike is also fond of the RC drift and reads this blog from time to time.

He showed me a sneak peek of a new project he is working on. I can confirm very cool in a totally new way.

Watching the FD in action was awesome, hearing the 4 rotor screaming through the skyscrapers of the gold coast was amazing.

So to remember the occasion, I asked Mike for a few words of wisdom.

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