Saturday, October 19, 2013


All Day flat out. I am spent. 

 Well, I did take a little time out for and Ice Cream and to take some pics. but I pumped 6 battery packs through the DRB. It is performing very nicely.

Many Many laps of Tandem. This S14 will soon be a missile!!

Joined by a few others for a day perfect for setups and practice.

The Missile FD is looking pretty second hand, but somehow It still hangs together.

I was sitting on the track for a while today. it started with getting down low to take pics. 

But I ended up driving from a low position. Watching my car slide around inches from my face was pretty cool.

Come visit us at GCRC. Slow and Sideways.

Thanks to Martin for driving while I had the camera.

Ben getting pretty close in this picture.

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