Friday, October 4, 2013

MST G25 +11

I've been waiting a little while for these. MST G25 Wheel!

While I did order them for the RB-86. I couldn't resist sampling them on all my bodies.

I think they have a new home.

With the Rear Wheel Drive on the back-burner I think I'll take out the FD3s today in "shhh" 4wd mode.

What!! Your Rx7 is 4 wheel drive? yes... I respond with bowed head in shame. :( then :) smile and raise the middle finger.!

I think I'll be ordering a few more sets... Yes I know the Mark X has massive wheel gap. :( hang head in shame. If i ever get around to trimming the body 3mm and removing the splitter and custom side skirts... I will be able to close the gap. But this body was originally setup for yokomo ZeroR2 tyres which create their own issues.  So I can't really decide what route to take here.

Compared to the matt black MST RID rims, The differnce is very noticible.

Now... I wait for the red paint on the mini wheel nuts to dry.

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