Monday, March 24, 2014

DRB Building take time.

OK, I've re-wired the Accuvance Tachyon Airia with it's Chevalier Boost in MST Red Wire.

The strands are nowhere near the conductivity or flexibility of Accuvance black wire but I can sacrifice a little for the LOOK.

Still to decide the exact location for the boost and switch.

As regular readers of my blog might know, I do have a Rear Wheel Drive Drift Package. 

I'm still debating over the final spec since the "absolute failure" of the original type C locations.
I have the SSG mount to go back on.

Note addition of the Overdose Battery Stay and more to come. Currently I'm running RC Art hard and MST soft on the front.

But still waiting for a receiver and servo before I go nuts on this.

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