Tuesday, March 18, 2014

RC Heaven Soga - Chassis

A little bit of chassis bling that you don't see outside Japan.

Iishida-san's attention to detail links to his chassis as well as his bodies. Swapping out the hubs for MST items just to get that Brake setup. Overdose type C lower arms.

Sanwa's speed controllers have started to gain acceptance for their on-board tuning from MT4S and M12
It's a nice thing to have at your finger tips.

5 vacula in attendance. front setups range from one-way to ball and gear diff options.

Everyone has the D1 RC Power! The problem remains... what to do with those wires.

Here is a good example. clean. WUN lower arms here. A bit of weight tuning also.

Accuvance BS Dual has also taken hold. Slide steering also looks popular to remove the gata gata from the from front steering.

R31house GRK 2 is also taking a hold in the shaft drive world. 10 colours are a big attraction.

CE-RX Rear Conversion Project! Slide rack and smooth. OD, WUN and lots of smalls.

Here is a conventional CE-RX D08? So many I can't remember Upside down shocks, Kazama tops
the twin front towers seem to also help gata gata "play" in the front nI'll be doing this on my DP.

Low radius front scrub seems to be the common element among all the chassis I looked at. 

Something nice and old.

I though I took a lot more pics of all my friends chassis, but I guess I just looked rather than took pictures.

Anyway. I hope you all enjoyed the look at current trends.

I didn't shoot any RWD setups either. they all seem to be quite complicated anyway.
I'll obtain some pics somehow.

have fun.

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