Sunday, March 23, 2014

Taka13bt One Two.

4 wheel DRB or 2 wheel JXR. Both cool.

You've already seen a preview of the 2wdrive in action. I took a little time out for some photos.

This is a DRB with low CS and a Ball diff in the front. Big Power, Big grip and because of the high speeds... Long slides.

Some will argue that there isn't much angle on the front. But to run a consistent line in front of a long drift train, sometimes stability is useful.

Yokomo BN Sports with a few extras like the corner lamps and the Massive wing.

The JXR is a different Story. Slow and slidey. The typically wide JXR requires extra width on the body too.

Fenders, light covers, rear wing, Mikuni Front bar and more.

Go Go Go!

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