Saturday, March 15, 2014

GCRC Saturday Session

Today was a Chilled day at GCRC. I took down two chassis that required some swapping of parts.

With my FD3s and Silver Overdose DRB all but complete.  I wanted one last run before I pulled it down for re-direction.

Jon's mustang was a good drift partner. Low pace, no stress, great to relax.

Underneath is a brushed RTR MST which proves you don't need high end stuff to have fun.

Anyway... I digress. Back to the projects.

I swapped the 17.5T from the Silver beast and installed a 7.5T for max power.

the blue machine received the 17.5T for High CS 3.33 setup.

I modified the yokomo C-Hubs for that little bit more angle, but the TN racing UNIs are loo long for C-Hubs.

I'm gonna install these in another chassis as I have plenty of options.

In any case, my Blue DRB now has adequate angle and was ready for testing.

With others on track I tried not to spin too much as I struggled to get the High CS working.

But as you can see here. I've dialled it in "almost" and it's looking awesome.

The limited help from the front wheels creates a need for more wheel speed so the gearing has been increased to speed the rear wheels a little more.

Some beginners on track are taking the next step up too. I donated a few Parts for a couple of DIB owners.

But I was concentrating on setup today, so the battles were not until later.

Angle is insane.

 This is pretty normal. 10 deg camber, 10 Deg castor.

Zero at the rear. Playing with weight distribution and chasing traction.

But I got close.

I'm now closer to some others at 3.7 but I think CS 3.33 is a bit far for me personally.

I'll be keen to hook up the CS 3.0 on my red chassis for sure.

One last shot to end the day.

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