Thursday, March 20, 2014

RE-DRB Tsunami Spec 3.3 A-Arms

Look what arrived today. DRB new front end and a few other things.

This was something I needed to have a good look at before I purchased. But actually this is really good.

Adjustment is from zero to 16 degree castor with changes in castor made by spacing the upper and lower arms accordingly. Camber is infinitely adjustable and with has lots of options. Then depending on what knuckles you use,  you can get the scrub way out there.

For now I'm using my yokomo alloy knuckles so scrub will be the same. I've set the initial castor to 16 degrees for this is the test chassis.

The lower plastic ball end screws into a metal threaded item. which in turn slots into the aluminium lower arm. the thread is quite long so you could add some spacers for more width or simply slide the metal arm out slightly.    

After some rebound adjustments I have changed the setting on the shocks and replaced the kazama tops which made the shocks way to long for the new front.

I added my favourite Active Slow rebound pistons in the front only.

the DRB- TESTER is now running Kazama pulley mount. this is fantastic for adjustment.

I'm running the FCD 2.0 rear end which is 20T and a TN racing Pulley which is 20T for a 1:1 rear ratio.
the front is 12-40 which is almost 4:1 so it evens out to CS 3.3:1

 Motor is 17.5T with 25/88 pinion. Team bomber front bumper support matches well.

Yokomo has discontinued the belt tensioners so i have to use this red one temporarily.

I was already getting this much constant lock and more from the chassis. So I'll be keen to get a little bit more from the front just for a bit more control.

test test test.

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