Thursday, March 13, 2014

RC Heaven Soga - Preview

Intensity, Speed and Style... What a day!    Ishida's Sil80 looking awesome.

I'm so glad I took my DRB to Japan. Although I didn't think I'd need to adjust as much.

Taka13bt driving us to the venue. Thanks.

 My destination for the day was to meet some friends. MAX-ONE regulars and battle partners now frequent many other circuits since it's closure. So today's schedule saw a trip to Soga RC Heaven in Chiba which is part of the RC paradise chain.

 Fist step... Tyres. I borrowed a set of Kazama Premium Carpet tyres. Still one of the most consistent for use on carpet.

Thanks ZUN ZUN!

I also needed to borrow a motor. My 17.5T simply was not suited to the high speed course. I borrowed a 10.5T Luxon KG which gave me almost enough power.

Thanks OKAWAN!

When I left Japan, I left behind my 2800 Lipo yokomo packs. My friend brought them for me to use.

Thanks IMO!

My car's setup of 2.2 was the highest on the day. With most guys running 7.5T Luxon BS Dual and CS of 1.5~1.8 it was a struggle at best. The slightly lower power, the slightly incorrect gearing, the slightly less weight of the battery. But I purchased a set of yokomo weights and soon found a bit of a rhythm and technique I could use to keep up.

The course was wide and smooth with a long straight and long sliding entry after the straight. A bit tricky at times.

I also found a couple of guys with slightly less power to run with. I had some great battles with the owner of this machine.

With about 15 guys on track, the speed and level was high. I think I saw people enter the track only about 3 times to pick up a car from a crash. Long trains with all members were highlights. Few crashes and overall very consistent.

I think with a few small adjustments, my setup would be good although there was no time to relax.

But I was surprised by the lack of out clip that the guys were using. the speed line was definitely the line on this day.

Concentration was mandatory. Definitely no relaxing.

I've got a lot to show. I also tried a few rear wheel drive cars and 

a few others. There are lots of photos to come. IMO's Vacula and Kazama S15 complement his GRK and Yokomo S15.

Zun Zun's GRK and new Mikuni FC

lot's more to come with a few detailed shots.

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  1. OMG Ishida's 180sx with S14 face is so rad. I hope there is a feature on it coming up soon, looks flawless!! :D


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