Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Speed Session

Today there was a lot of this... Close tandem.

3, 4, 5 cars no problem. The driver of the R34 is just 13 years old but mixes it with the big guns without fear.

But of course when the camera comes out. the distance increased as people became cautious. Family battles are quality.

The was a definite groove visible on the concrete today.

We were running the high speed X-over lane.

Behind the trees.

Some new machines on track.

And some RWD runners with Reversed Gyro acting like CS.

Staff have been contemplating the impending change to the tracks at GCRC.

There will be plenty of room for beginners and pro level. The view is to attract more numbers.

While the barriers don't allow for much error, the new track(s) will be more user friendly.

I'm loving the 3.33. I installed a front tensioner today and now I'm getting the traction I need, the controllability is up.

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