Sunday, March 23, 2014


Kazama Promode S15 + IMO Style = IMOSIS.

While Kazama's cars are always covered in Spiderwebs and Moty's sponsor logos. It's nice to see the lines on the Promode kit. Agressive is an understatement.  The deep front bar was one of the first to be moulded as a separate piece and led to Kazama importing Shoe Goo and selling it under his own brand.

Imo-san has taken to the metallic look to his other S.

Underneath this machine is an Overdose Vacula. One of many Vacula running on the day. ( What is the plural of vacula? Vacula or Vaculas? )

These GP sports Silvia bodies actually generate the most downforce of the Yokomo machines. the aero actually works very well.

Underneath these are R31 House GRK2s.   Taka13bt's Red machine is a GRK2 too and the S15 means branching out to Silvias as well as his FC3Ses. ( plural dilemas everywhere?  FC3Ses? )

 Anyway... both super evenly matched as you'd expect.

CS 1.3 to 1.5 is all these guys run.  Change of direction is about the only time you need the big angle. 

this is coming onto the long back straight.

this is the long slide at the end of a long straight leading from a sweeper.

Battling these guys with a 2.2 machine setup for Angle not speed was a definite challenge. But get on the power super early and you can keep up.

those lights are the first sign of IMOSIS.

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