Sunday, March 16, 2014

Iishida's Hidari Maru Sil80

After being handed the previous Hidari Maru S14. Iishida-san has set about constructing a replacement.

With many similar partsthe result is of course imilar but the S14 Front on the 180sx is a seemless extension.

326Power Yokomo S14 always makes a nice base.

But connection that to a 180sx requires patience. Rear bumper parts and diffuser, D-magic lighting. Samll details like tow hooks, Light up muffler, Roof shade, Antenna.Widened Fenders, rear parking sensors can also tell distance to impact. haha.

indicators are coloured appropriately, mirrors are Craft Square replicas.

Wrap Up carbon bonnet cover and bonnet catch, intercooler decals and indicator texture.

Lighting is just as complex as the previous version. the effects are excellent. 

Ffront lights transition between colours.

Although static. We were soon back to our battle style. 

 Slide by Slide

underneath is a Red Alloy Vacula thats just as pretty. MST hubs and callipers finish this machine.

As the machine gets hammered, there's already a full cage to go in with rear sus points and a replacement carbon wing has been purchased.

If you want something bespoke, you have to put in the effort.

Thanks for the effort.

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