Thursday, March 20, 2014

RE-DRB Samurai OD Spec 3.0

Work on the Red Overdose DRB Continues.

This one features Kazama mount also. I'm not using the Kazama spacer on this chassis however as the newer bridge provides decent rigidity in the front.

TN Racing Pulleys are 18T and 12T in the centre for a CS 3.0:1 ratio.

A small tensionr is used up front, but I need to lower it slightly for correct tension or use an 11t guide pulley.
I'm using 4mm belts on this for smooth running.

Motor is Keyence 21.5T that I'll be running with an Keyence Airia ESC which has Boost and Turbo electronically controlled advanced timing.  This will scream!

On this machine I have modified Front 7 degree C Hubs and SQUARE Drive Shafts.

Rear has Kazama hubs and the FCD 2.0 rear kit.

Full Stainless steel screws and Overdose turnbuckles have been installed.

Currently I've got R2 Hobbies lower arms

Kazama FXR wheels will be used.

Target Body will be the Black FD3s with metallic RED highlights.

Stay tuned for this one.


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