Saturday, March 15, 2014

Fried GCRC

Here is a long short story.

A long time ago I saw these Speed Dynamics wheels on the ABC Hobby site.I had to have them.
But un obtainable at that time. I stopped my search.

I found some in Japan but...

the promise of +10 and +13 was too good to be true. Alas the real offsets are much different.

+10 is equal to +6.5
+13 is equal to +9.5

So I was struggling to make them look good on any of my bodies. I knew where they had to find a home.

These TE-37V style rims need age.

This Skyline is the result of when all you can afford is wheels. but they look damn good here.

Likewise this skyline also looking the business.

But here they have found a home. Silvia S13 under the sheds at GCRC

I also have some new stuff on the FD. But thats another story. If anyone can Identify these white rims let me know.

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