Thursday, March 27, 2014


The Red Man with a Red Bull.

JZX 100 Mark II is a pretty cool machine for a drift car. Especially on an MST XXX

These reasonably big sedans by Toyota are really nothing special in terms of trim and refinement. 

The Obsession comes from the engine. The 1JZ & 2JZ 3.0lt In line Six which is the same as the supra, can be tuned up past 1000hp these days.

Daigo Saito making the Mark II famous, while Kunny'z Chaser takes the slightly different chaser in to Fame.

These are both Mark IIbut show the variation you can get by just a few minor changes.

Daigo-style front light treatment changes the image. 

And the massive rear diffuser also adds to the aggressive look on this JXR.

I've been getting some of the guys to really add some stance to their body positions. 

Under power the front rises slightly and there's little rubbing on this near perfect fitment.

Two awesome examples of JZX100.

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