Saturday, March 22, 2014

Jii See Arr See

Dialled in! The 3.3 is on fire.

Recently, I a spending a lot of time in tandem with Jack. He may be young but he keeps getting better.

Today, I spent a lot of time trying to dial in my car, but there were a few factors that didn't allow positivity.
After a tyre change, Weight positions, Suspension Positions, ride Height change and a new belt with correct tension, all was better and some amazing laps were had.  

Trigger hand was definitely getting a workout. At the end of a long session we were both trying to get some feeling back in our hands.

Many out playing tonight. A couple of Saturdays a month GCRC has 10am to 9pm. It can be a full day of endless drift if your concentration and eyes hold together. 

Of course Silvias are everywhere. It is drift after all.

Affordability has always been the Silvia's strong point.I'm sure you could pick up an old S13 in Japan cheaper than an OTA-R3R

light em up

no gas and abandoned.

GCRC Raceway. Awesome.

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