Friday, March 21, 2014

Kurt's Wrap Up Next FR-OD!

So here is an FR-D V2 in Black with Overdose.

When you plan an FR-D you have to think about the end result. Then build a massive parts list... and wait.

But finally all the parts come in and you can build....

rear Overdose gearbox and Shock towers. Out drive and shaft.

rear WUN VX arms are proving to give better traction over stock items.

Kurt and a friend runs as a two car team. Two guys with two extremely similar chassis trying R&D on everything on their FXX-Ds. Now moving to the FR-D

A small degree and a mm here and there makes a huge difference on these things.

Want more adjustability. Accuvance Airia controls throttle, Boost and turbo. Want advanced timing. Got that.

Front OD arms are awesome. Kurt recommends these over the WUN fronts. MST knuckles are proven. 

Wipers are yes... very long. Keyence Luxon KG and Overdose Front bumper weight tie in with black shocks and it's very complete.

Initial testing looks good.

Sliding is not a problem at GCRC.

Eliminating that low speed spin is something the RWD suffers from. We shall watch the development of this machine.


  1. Damn, that looks great!! :D
    Are those MST front lower arms?

  2. "Front OD arms are awesome."

    Direct from the blog post

    1. I read the full article. I asked because the lower arms are not OD, and couldn't be sure from the pics if they were MST or not.
      I must have missed the second pic my first time reading through, but I'm almost certain they are MST Y-Arms now. They have a ton of mounting points along their Y-Arms. This FR-D is a quality build!!!

  3. Cheers, the front lower arms are mst, front upper arms are overdose


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