Sunday, August 31, 2014

180SX2X Project - P!PES for ya ass.

Thanks to P!PES for ya ass! The rear of the 180SX Project cars are that little more special.

 Here you can see how detail work pays off. A mirrored number plate showing off these babies perfectly.

Because I didn't want to upset the balance of the chassis / body itself. I mounted this one centrally . The body will be a couple of mm higher at running time.

I'm wery happy with the result.

The pictures were taken in excitement, But as you expect, I'll be shooting these cars properly in the "studio" before debut.

The MST rims I picked up yesterday were already on my chassis, so this test fit was a surprise. the black looks menacing.

Headlights Up or down, these two 180SX are going to be perfect.

The sponsor of this twin build has decided to keep his Full overdose DRB at 4.6:1 Counter-steer ratio. It's dialed in and performing well. So the Speedline number set was inverted to 4.6.

The diminishing returns above this ratio do not really warrant the chassis hacking that's required to fit a larger front pulley.

So now the LEDs are installed and the exhausts are on. there's only the dash and cage to be fitted to both machines before we can let loose on the track... after sitting them as a center piece on the dinner table for a week or so.


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