Thursday, December 11, 2014

DRB Samurai Spec Upgrades

Evolution of the DRB Chassis Continues.

I have been accumulating parts to complete the Overdose DRB. But along the way Ive been USING the chassis. This is NOT a shelf queen carpet only "ooh don't touch me" chassis.

It's had a very hard life... from DIB to DIB Reverse to DIB275 to DRB to DRB OD to V2.

As you can see the Spur gear cover has flown off before and been scraped and shredded, 

The Overdose motor mounts only really supports low countersteer levels. So of course it's been modified too gaining extra height for larger centre rear pulley, I'm not a big fan of the thin Yokomo Bridge but the thick monster I picked up already carved for the motor mount is working great.

Recently I installed these discontinued items. Overdose steering belcranks and I'm yet to fit the DRB Saver, because I have a Tamiya item already.

I don't think there's any more I really need to do to this one... except maintain and drive it more and more.

Yokomo DRB

Full Spec.

Yokomo RE-DRB SSG Overdose Samurai Spec 3.0 (December 2014 Spec)

Yokomo DIB Chassis Kit
Model Garage Stainless Hex Screw set
Yokomo Chrome Ball joints
Yokomo 2/3 Size Battery Holder
Yokomo Polished Alloy Battery Spacer
Yokomo SSG Shock Towers 
Overdose SSG Chassis Set (Upper and Lower Deck)
Overdose Red Alloy Motor Mount Set ( RE-Xtreme Carbon Motor Mount Spacer ).
Overdose Red Alloy Ackerman Steering Arm Set
Overdose Red Servo Saver Arm
Overdose Red Spur Holder
Overdose Red Alloy Turnbuckles
Overdose Red Antenna Holder
Steering pin update.
RC926 3mm Alloy Wheel Hub
MST 5mm Wheel Lock nuts.
R2 Velcro Body Mount

Drive Train:
Yokomo Red Alloy BD5 Front One Way Axle
Yokomo Red Alloy FCD 1.5 Rear Rigid Axle
RC926 4mm Belt set  Yokomo 3.5mm drive belt set Front and Rear (Spare)
18T TN Racing Rear Centre pulley and larger guide bearings
9T Custom Front Centre Pulley
RC926 4mm belt
26T Kawada Pinion
86T Kawada Spur Gear
Yokomo Red Alloy 16T Tensioner Pulley (Rear)
Yokomo Red Alloy 12T Tensioner Pulley (Front)
RC Square 44mm CVD and long axle (Front)
RC Square 42mm Universal Shaft (Rear)

Yokomo DIB V2 polished alloy suspension arms Lower.
Wrap Up Next Red Alloy Suspension A-Arms Upper
Yokomo Red Alloy Knuckle Set
R2 Red alloy suspension arms (Rear).
Kazama Red Alloy Rear Hub Carrier 0 Degrees Toe in
Yokomo Red Alloy Suspension Mount Set
              Front : 0 Degrees (FF)
              Rear : 0 Degrees(FF)
Yokomo Red Alloy Chassis adjustment spacers
                FF Spacer - 1mm
                RF Spacer - 3 mm
Yokomo Rear Stabiliser for DRB 1.0mm

Yokomo Polished Alloy Shock SS Size   
              Front: Active damper slow-rebound pistons.
              Rear :Yokomo 3 hole
Yokomo Shock Oil             
              Front: 600
              Rear : 200
RC926 Twin Spring Set
               Front: Super Soft / Soft
               Rear: Ultra Soft / Ultra Soft

Alignment Setting:
              Front : 2 degree Toe Out
              Rear : Polished Alloy Suspension Mount Set FF 0 Degrees
              Rear : 0.5 degrees Toe in
              Front : 11degrees
              Rear : 0 degrees
Ride Height
              Front : 4.5mm
              Rear : 4.5mm

Accuvance Brushless Set
  Accuvance Tachyon Airia ESC (Shine Red)
  Accuvance Chevalier Boost.
  Accuvance Luxon KG 17.5T Motor (Red / Silver case)
  Active Luxon KG heat Sink Cover Silver
  MST Red Wire
  Direct Euro Battery Connectors
  Kawada Motor Connectors
Accuvance TAO Aggressive Drive Controller (SR Shine Red)
   Brake Power 24%
   Neutral Brake Power 14%
   Forward Speed 100%
   Reverse Speed 50%
   Drive Frequency 2KHz
   Brake Frquency 2KHz
   Neutral Brake Frequency 2KHz

Sanwa MT-4S ( 40th ) 2.4Ghz 4ch Proportional Radio Control System
Sanwa RX-472 Receiver 
Futaba S9550 Steering Servo

BatteryVenom Power LiPo - 2/3 size 3800mAh LiPo Batteries x2

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