Tuesday, December 30, 2014

GCRC Workshop Backyard Diorama.

Well, she's finished. Just in time for the new year.

You would have noticed in my previous GT-R delivery post that the diorama was almost done.  But the minor details were outstanding. Having disposed of the GT-R and pushed the motor-less 86 inside.

It was time to finish the diorama. My Gemini was the first to be shot in the backyard. Lights are on, but in fact it's daytime. Who left the lights on?

Someone had been testing the stencil on the checker plate. I wonder who? Who left that lug nut out there also? Might have to put a hose out here, cause the Gemini needs a wash!

Basically, there's enough room to get one car here or you can squeeeeeze in a second. The 180sx is a bit long so it's a single shooter. I lay down some off cuts and a few posters and stuff in the corner. the hot shot and grass hopper will stay with me though.

This is the kind of imagery I hoped to get. Maybe I'll hang the logos... I'm not sure yet.

I wasn't going for 100% minute detail. Just an overall image. I could spend another 200 hours doing more and more and more. But the return is not there. 

What you already get is a fantastic photo-spot. I had these first shots unlit and indoors, so the reflections are harsh. But you get the idea. 

The cars can be the stars. I'll be taking this down to GCRC when they open in 2015. Expect so see some awesome shots of the Moolman's S13 in here.

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