Thursday, December 4, 2014

V2 - Wheel Selection

So... The wheel dilemma on the V2 continues, but choice is awesome. 

A little while ago I put the feelers out for some more of my favourite +12 rims. Top line has discontinued the N-Model Mars Drift Fighters in +12 so I am trying to find a few sets around the place. 

Tijs came to the rescue with this fluro yellow set. And as it turns out... are a pretty close match for the D1 Spec V1. Maybe a touch of smoke will tone them down just enough.

But the bonus is these +13 Spice TE37s . They have a seriously deep center which is more like an Advan T6 rim. 

So I have the following selections of Top Line Drift Fighter Mars N1 +12 OFF 

4 x White
4 x Yellow 
4 x Black with metal flake
4 x White painted Dark Blue
2 x White painted Red
2 x Chrome

But I'd like to complete the Chrome and Red sets. Red is Painted from a white set.

So now I have a few variations. I can throw in the mix. It's working out pretty well.

The V1 looks good with White, Black and Yellow.

The V2 looks good with Black and Blue ( and the 2 reds which I need two more of.)

About the only other super wide rims I have are these metal beasts that are about +13 also. They are indeed awesome.

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