Saturday, December 20, 2014

Saturday Premier Battles

When the premium drift ticket is on the card... stand back, it's getting mental.

With everyone else out buying $2 xmas presents, the hard core are still attacking the concrete.

3.0+ CS requires a different setup but there are still many different ways to achieve the same result. It took a few laps to dial the Strret Jam Rear Motor and the Yokomo DRB to the same handling range, but then it was on!

I had countless laps within the 2centimeter zone on on the b pilar and the 2mm zone in transition. Shit was off the chart...

Of course I can't take pictures when I'm driving.  I need a cameraman.

But it wasn't only two in this tango...   Many laps on line through the tight route.

I think I picked up the camera for about 3 laps. and still managed to click off nice images.  Such is the premium drift.

This DRB is a new entry to GCRC. The Kazama S15 is an awesome shape too.

Implementing a few tricks to get relatively low CS 1.8 looking right. 

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