Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Review

With so many highlights. It's easier to check my Google + blog feed as it is an easy way to get a visual representation of my year in RC madness. I'll add the links at the end of this post to see about 4000 photos I took and blogged this year.

You won't find anyone else on the web with this much quality content.

so without further adieu....

Ive selected a few of my favourites.

this triple 86 day was awesome! Scott, Arun and I in Battle mode. At the start of the year the 86 got a lot of abuse. But it lasted the whole year... Probably due to a few rebuilds and the introduction of the black FD3s

My main car setups earlier in the year were fairly similar. Three DRBs and three RX7s. 

I had some totally memorable battles on the old and new tracks at GCRC.

Capturing my own driving was a rare occurrence when someone else grabbed my camera. But they are moments I treasure.

If there's one machine I will keep and probably retire to the shelf soon. It's my Asamoto FD3s.

I took it back to Japan in early 2014 for some carpet adventure. It opened my eyes to many things and refreshed my RC passion... probably a bit too much.

Because I ended up with a few new additions. Some will stay and some will go in 2015.

but you know... this is all you really need. A plastic tub with good steering angle and a bit of CS. haha.

I had a great year at GCRC. It took a while, but the Street Legal S13 was a success.

It led to another S-Chassis twin build. 7 bodies built in this year.

Always fun to meet and greet. then battle your ass off. 

RC combines my Build, Drive and Photography hobbies, but the mechanic stuff I neglect a bit.

I traveled around the country a little too. 

Sampling what everyone has to offer and grow the hobby.

For 2015... I plan to use this 86 until it falls apart but please give me a few weeks before everyone runs tyre marks down the side...

It probably will end up costing over $350 to complete. I always try to respect the bodies people make because I know the costs involved.

Until I get or give the go-ahead to start close contact tyre-on-door drift, please give one car's length at least.

This is one of my favorite shots of 2014. With D1, D1 Street Legal and Formula D still heavily influencing my style of Drift. It's something I'd like to incorporate more in 2015.

So for 2014 please spend a while browsing the image RE-Xtreme RC image galleries. Select your favourite shot of 2014 and let me know with a link to it in the comments. 

Google + Album #1  November 2014  ~ December 2014  800 photos
Google + Album #2 May 2014  ~ October 2014 1900 photos
Google + Album #3 October 2013 ~ May 2014 1900 photos

Happy New Year everyone, thanks for following RE-Xtreme RC.

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  1. Thanks for another year of building and creation from you!i hope 2015 will see some new rc stuff


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