Saturday, December 27, 2014

DRB - Overdose

The Yokomo DRB is a machine I know very well. I have a very solid setup that I;ve trialled on a couple of chassis.  But you always need to modify that special piece to get everything right...

My RED Overdose Motor and Pulley Mount set was modified with a carbon 2.5mm spacer that allows a larger pulley to be used on the rear. I'm using a very different setup to what many people run. 

With my RED DRB performing well, I am replicating the central mount across all my DRBs.

Parts are hard to find with the DRB being discontinued totally these days and the discontinued Overdose parts also hard to find. They typically come up in the used market with a few scratches etc.

This is fine to complete my de-anodised "Typhoon" Spec DRB. So this one has been polished and modified with a custom 3mm alloy spacer. Pulleys will be 40-9 front 18-27 rear. 2.96x:1 FCD setting. or approx 3.0 CS

I'm currently using a 9.5T motor in this with a very small pinion, Very Large spur combo.

Can't wait for my new belts to arrive so I can set these up!

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