Saturday, December 27, 2014

RE-Xtreme RC Client Build - GT-RS Part 1,2&3

+5... WEAK!


Pokie pOKie POKE..

With a need to actually turn the wheels with a large scrub radius in the ridiculously small Pandora Wheel Wells.

And Stand up the rears for near Zero camber... Some fenders were added. 

A slight lean to the front opens up the rear of the fender and brings the front into a nice line.

They don't simply stick on... you have to massage these babies.

As you can see here... the mounting surface isn't exactly flat.

So you have to slowly trim, sand, trim , scrape, adjust more and more until you have the "Right" shape 

Eventually everything lines up.

Then you can move onto... masking and paint.

these were needed to create a "special" colour and applied in this order.

1/2 way through... some times you doubt yourself. But I've done enough now to know how the end result will look.

That moment of truth is the removal of the protective film.


It's more blue than purple. A full can of Blue and only a thin layer of purple.

test fit of fenders... gonna be nice...

Shiney... I've added a few stickers since this... so all thats left is the Goo Zone.

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