Sunday, December 7, 2014

Tsunami Warning!

When this machine is on track... The Tsunami is a real threat.

It approaches with speed and destroys everything in it's path.

You had better run!


As fast as you can!


Awesome angle from the Street Jam BANSHEE!

There is a little bunny on the back... Will he survive.

Noone is safe.

So all are traveling at MAX speed!

Trying to get away from the carnage.


Although this is a bit of fun, as I wrote the above and when I compiled this ghosted image, it had a bit of an emotional connection. Tsunami has a special meaning to me. It's a strong reminder to the massive impact on Japan just a few years ago.

A lot of us at GCRC have a real love for the Japanese car scene and know someone directly or indirectly effected by the Tsunami. We still have a real support for the Japanese Original Equipment Manufacturers that continue to create.

This above shot is dedicated to those RC Drifters who are missed from the northern Japan region. Forever Remembered.


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