Sunday, December 7, 2014

GCRC Humid Humdinger

A steamy hot day... Put on that race suit and sweat it out!

Non Stop action all day.

Door to day attacks with increasing accuracy.

mm perfect.

Slide Slide slide


after lap.

Accuracy is improving.

100% Squid Attack!

Within tentacle range.

Taking a break to cool down.

The Gem is Bedding in...

So is the Escort.

See that wheel reflection in the door. It wont be that shiny for much longer. Target acquired.

While the others light it up!

Still wearing some competition numbers.

battles were everywhere!

cruising by.

Is that an 86?

I think maybe it's an 86?

Are you sure?

Yep I think it's an 86.

No.. It's a trueno, isn't it.


no.. 86!

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