Sunday, December 28, 2014

Yokomo DRB Full Overdose

Overdose brand products from WELD Technical factory have transformed from niche market products to almost mainstream. From their first conversions for the HPI TC-D the DRB was the second chassis to get the overdose treatment.

Take a closer look.

The Yokomo DRb (now discontinued) was the starting point. 68000 yen back in the day was the asking price for the Touring car derived BD style chassis. It didn't include one way bearing or rear Full Counter Drift Spool so it was a 50:50 style machine.

Oround early 2011, the Overdose brand selected the DRB for modification.

The main feature of the overdose upgrades are the chassis plates... the plate accommodates for drift package Type A/B/C style suspension or the DRb style. also the battery can be positioned aft  and the spur clearance is increased. Chassis twist does increase slightly but when used with the OD motor mount, this is restricted to the rear of the chassis which is very manageable.

The motor mount provides a rigid area that reduces stress on pulley bearings
The steering allows for slightly more angle and improved ackerman at lock.
KPI knuckles are always nice to prevent chassis lift.

 Full OD upgrades for DRB are

Overdose Silver Carbon Upper and Lower Chassis Plate Set 19800
Overdose Silver Carbon Shock Tower Set 4900
Overdose Blue Alloy 8-8 C Hub and Knuckle Set  6800
Overdose Blue Alloy Steering Wiper Set  6800
Overdose Blue Alloy Motor Mount  8000
Overdose Blue Alloy Spur Holder 1500
Overdose Blue Alloy 12T Idler Pulley 1800
Overdose Blue Alloy 12T Belt Stabiliser Mount and Pulley Set 2300

Overdose Blue Alloy Bumper Weight 3200
Overdose Blue Alloy Servo Saver  1800
Overdose Blue Alloy Antenna Post 1500

Total upgrades around $700 alone.

Other upgrades on this chassis include.

Full bearing upgrade
Full Screw Set Upgrade
Yokomo Rear FCD 1.5 Spool
Yokomo Front One Way Spool
Yokomo Rear Hub
TRF shocks.

probably another $400

So for around $2000 you could have built this for yourself back in the day. Depreciation is good for me.

This chassis will become a new base for my existing Blue DRB and parts are swapped over to complete the OD upgrades.

Then one of MY existing DRBs will be for sale. 

That's the plan anyway.

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