Saturday, December 27, 2014

Addiction - Rocket Bunny ZN-6 V2 #2

Build an Addiction 86 is a time wasting pain in the ass!

But do it right and the rewards are awesome!

It all starts with taking stock of what you have. 

Laying out all the arts and making sure you know what has to be done.

then after about 4 hours of slicing and cutting... you get a bunch of left over rubbish.

And the body and THIRTY EIGHT! (38) separate pieces to continue your project plus the body itself.

For the record... the front bumper absolutely does not fit if you use the standard lines. I cut about 3mm of this and did a lot of custom trimming to get a good result.

At the end of day one, just a test fit took another 30 minutes or so.

But you start to get an idea of what the result will be like.

I had a few choices and colours in mind for the design, but in the end... I decided to stick to a High Contrast design that would highlight the kit itself.

So the masking and painting process took place.

You can see one RED White and BLUE design I had thought about masking up... but the black and white won over.

Matt Ellis Designs will be supplying some cut vinyl for this project so the results will black on white and white on black.

The reveal is always special.

Bling Bling.

Test fit on the chassis after adding the Tamiya Window treatment.

Final result will be amazing.

Can't resist a little play with wheel selections.

Still to cut the front for the intercooler and other details. But the V2.2 is deep in the build process.

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