Monday, December 29, 2014

GT(S-T)R Delivery

Well the GT-ST / R is out of the workshop.

There are always things you want to do more and more. But I have to stop somewhere.

I left the lower vents closed for re-enforcement, but of course they will look better blacked out.  The Diorama is not 100% complete. But its close enough for some realistic shots.

But in shadow and from more than a meter away. you don't notice the vents.

Added some final touches. But it needs a big fat exhaust and those small loops that poke through the GTR bumper.

Mirrors were needed, these HPI leftovers are actually a nice shape for the Skyline.

+10 up front is a "just fit" senario on the already wide MST.

The first thing the new owner will do is try on numerous wheel sizes and offsets. these are +7 although the rim is an additional 1.5mm wide.

At the front and rear Offset depends on height. the higher you go the more you can stuff under. These are +7 with 2mm extra spacers. Still tucks beautifully.

What is that GT wing doing there?!!! Looking bad ass is the answer.

Well , it's not mounted, but the thin nismo item is removable. 

So a few more holes and small screws would have it looking like a street / semi track '90s day time attack GT-R in no time.  many a japanese street car has a few bits of tape covering the holes in the trunk lid. A tell-tale sign of a sunday track special.

I like this look the best. to me, this is '90s JDM style. Perhaps fresh from the Garage Saurus Factory. A 780Hp, 9 second street / all round machine!

Anyway, I'll pass this on to the client today. 

If he doesn't like it, perhaps I'll keep it for myself... Wa ha ha!

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