Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Mid December Mid Week Matsuri.

Thanks to my purple partner, I have a new pet.

He's a little Bunny Rabbit that likes extreme drift. So I strapped him in.

and He loves it!

You can't hear his joy. But he doesn't stop smiling. Just gotta watch the super tight transitions.

So when travelling behind tonight, I left a little space.

 But when in front... nothing had changed. tight tight tight.

As Mid December comes the level of tandem and battles are simply getting better every week.

Anywhere on the track. the target is on every B-pillar.

Such is drift.

By the way...

 It is an 86! Woo hoo!

 The gemini continues to gain character.

My new straight chrome pipe from (Pipes! for your ass) is looking cool!
I'm just searching for a charm to add on the other side.

 Thanks to Mr Frener for the pics... I incorrectly credited my name on these. Can't drive and get pics.

 Finding new vantage points around the track in the final days of our current layout.

As 2015 draws to the end. The Current layout which has been in place for 6 months (in different variations) will change with new influence from another designer.

So come down and enjoy the current layout while it lasts..

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