Friday, February 27, 2015

86 four six Customs Battles

86 is looking Mental! Time to drop the hammer!

 Still having issues with lighting... the mode select is temperamental. But when the mains are on... the shine is cool.

a lot of the time.... I only get the daytime run mode. 

Which would match the daytime wheel selection... But unfortunately it's not daytime...

Speedline rims... this week for battle. 

Time to get it on!  I love battling other shells I have built..

This chassis is tuned for RWD vs CS battles. Outright speed is not the goal here. maximum FUN is the goal.

Although capable... It's a little less aggressive and built to get the same angle as most RWD machines.

FD3s is RWD... 86 is CS 2.5 and Laurel is near as 4.0

As long as you respect the speed differences of the two... you can get some insane battles. 

 On the hunt.

30 minute Sandwich session. 

Some of th guys are getting ready for the Silvia s-chassis Session on Sunday.

dialing in their Silvias.

and fitting up the body shells.

ready for a twin drift session!

These guys are gonna be tough to beat... but can you handle the pressure.

Why Falken Stickers... 

Because Race Car!!!

One more day to get set...

GCRC Raceway!!!

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  1. Your bodies and liveries always tie together so nicely in the end. ^^b love it.
    Can't wait to see pics of this thing tandeming with the orange one you built!


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